The City has always fascinated me; its influence on the citizen’s life, and vice versa that brings certain chicken and egg question. The public space’s definition is shifting from a meeting place created by the human gathering to a pure physical space regulated by consumption. I see today’s squares and streets as terrains vagues, a […]


Monuments’ (Hi)Stories

BRUSSELS The City by Alex Cassel 2003 On Chaussée de Charleroi – (LUCK) Cassel’s work is a combination of gurative and abstract forms, the totems are sorts of humanoids that triggers nonetheless a sort of empathy. Cassel’s aesthetic is inuenced by his dierent travels to countries as New Guinea, Burkina-Faso, Togo, Benin and India… e […]

"Monuments’ (Hi)Stories"

Participations’ Videos

The videos are the direct result of the participatory installation. Citizens are invited to be part of a new community that re-act monuments, and give them a second breath. This community spirit is formed through the creation of videos, published online on a website. In each intervention, the installation films the participatory citizens acting in […]

"Participations’ Videos"

Behaviors’ Archive

Here you will find the archive of behaviors, triggered by the installation. Everyone has its own interpretation of the actions and moods. Statues and sculptures can be seen as a chance to create positive interaction and social cohesion. The installation is a game in which people are challenged to act in a different way in front […]

"Behaviors’ Archive"

Behind the scenes

«A major point of criticism in the contemporary debate on monument concepts is that many monuments perform this function only inadequately. Monuments are abstract and seek a common denominator: they aim to make a collective statement on historical events, but all too often, individual viewers are given hardly any or too few starting points for their […]

"Behind the scenes"


EVENT #3 Festival Atl Emporda – Ciudad Jardin – 1st Edition – 2016 The festival stems from the work of Ozz Barcelona, a creative community which is committed to the slow movement, by promoting art and fostering creativity. The proposal for a meeting of artists in a unique and privileged location of Catalunya like Alt Empordà comes […]