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  2. Marine disse:Wagner,Facil responder sua observacao. No Brasil hoje reina uma corrente de pensamento a qual o que determina se um conflito foi justo ou nao, e simplismente quem foi o mais forte – sendo esse sempre taxado de agressor e injusto. Ou seja, nessa mentalidade o fraco e sempre o oprimido nao obstante a real logica da razao do conflito.“To them, the derivation of the ‘good’ is based on a simple, yet peculiar standard: the powerful and competent are wicked, while the feeble and impotent are innocent – regardless of the context. ”Semper Fidelis!

  3. [quote]Hey,can I get a little gossip and hip hop news on the weekend? [/quote]I’m with Filled Negro on this one. The weekend Inquirer can be depressing as it reports on the various crime scenes from Friday and Saturday nights.Give the brother a break from reality for a little while.

  4. I once held a grudge from a nightmare I'd had with my DH being unfaithful in the dream. I was furious with him for something that only happened in my subconscious. As for the names– must confess to odd Freudian behavior in our house– DH will often call me by his sister's name, his sister will often call her DH by my husband's name (her brother), and baby brother has been known to call his wife by his sister's name, too. Thank heavens he never called me by a former administration's name. yikes.

  5. Am uitat sa pun sursa foto, din economist e adevarat.Au si semnat din cate am inteles tratatul de un miliard si jumatate, dar sunt sigur ca nici pe Obama nu-l prea au la suflet. Numai ca nu prea le mergea negocierea cu inflexibilul McCain.

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  8. at the gas station, he was getting out to pump the gas (I think) or maybe he was explaining that you don’t have to pump your own gas in Oregon. And then he said something like, “I want to pump myself.” Or something. I know it involved pumping himself. It was hilarious!Also, I plan to put a review of the cookbook on Amazon later this week! I’ve been swamped lately. But it’s on my list of things to get done asap.

  9. Por mm eu iria em todos os shows. Porque tenho medo dele fazer melhores apresentações em São Paulo do que no Rio. Ou nos outros estados também. Dá muita vontade de ir em todos por isso, mas o din din… E a idéia do onibûs que eu dei ? Ta valendo ou não ? abração CBB!

  10. Ja nÃ¥ vil vi ha varme alltsÃ¥… Men vi fÃ¥r ikkje gi opp hÃ¥pet! Den kjem sier alle, ja det gjör den sikkert…sÃ¥ bare vent du, snart kan du sitte pÃ¥ verandan din og kose deg igjen, uten ull :))Godt Ã¥ höre at det gjekk bra pÃ¥ sjukehuset og at du fekk go hjelp hjem igjen… Ikkje so kjekkt nÃ¥r det er vanskela og ta blodprövar heller…Men no er det gjort :)NÃ¥ mÃ¥ du kose deg resten av dagen, hÃ¥per pÃ¥ at varmen kjeme :))Hilsen Synnöve.

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  13. “You cant spell WHORE without HR” So for me to say how tasteless and offensive this was really says something. Was it necessary to mention someone marring their cat? Do you have any idea how stupid that statement is? I’ve got to tell you Tim, if I actually knew you and if you had ever earned my respect, you would have lost it all.

  14. biaselah.. kalu dah pikiran tu mcm kampung, mmg mulut tu asyik nak ngutuk org jelah..ntah2 org yg mengutuk ni perangai mcm setan..kan bagus x payah nak kutuk2..mcm lah anzalna ni kacau hidup korang..aku tgk anzalna ni baik je orgnye..x kan lah sbb pic dgn bf dia tu pun nak dijadikan bahan..insaf2 lah weyh.. x payah nak mengutuk org lain..jaga tepi kain sendiri sudah..yg nak jeles sgt dgn dia tu buat ape..

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  23. Al menos traducida al ingles estara, que ya es muy buena noticia XD& Me gusta que hayan Moguris en el Versus pero ¿Tan redondos? Ya no me pega mucho el del XIII-2 tan caricaturizado, los de FFXIV son bastante "peluche" pero mas realistas, que ingluyan algo mas realista, que el juego lo merece.

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  31. ich kann mich beim sohn auch an "jahre des schweigens" erinnern. außer "passt scho!" = alles ist gut, musst dir keine sorgen machen; "geht so!" = es gibt da ein problem und "mhm"= der kittel brennt, war nix aus ihm rauszubringen. nachbohren führte nur zu einem augenaufschlag, der signalisierte, ich schalte jetzt mal auf durchzug. heute ist gesprächiger, gsd. bin schon gespannt auf deine blogparade. lieben gruß von sabine

  32. one scholar at an American university who asked not to be named, referring to the threatened violence as well as the widespread reluctance on United States college campuses to criticize other cultures."Here, not in the Koran, is the real rot that is destroying Western civilization. That Muslims and other fascists believe and act as they do is not to be wondered at; dominance-subservience has been the historical norm for humanity as far back as we have any record. That we participate in that game, that we accord it any respect whatsoever, is what will kill liberty and reason.

  33. ma tanto cosa pretendiamo? ormai fanno quello che gli dopo l’ultima legge elettorale sono andato a votare sperando fosse cambiata istantaneamente da chi saliva al governo… invece è ancora lì… evidentemente fa troppo comodo ad un partito avere la “potenza” di poter decidere “chi” mandare in parlamento! se resta così (e sembra proprio di si) alle prox elezioni manco ci vado a votare… tanto ci prendono in giro

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  41. Anush is a lot younger than A and I think you are alright. A few months back A went for an overnight trip trough school, and did have one episode where she "wanted her mother" and a call was made to me so that she could speak to me. Other than that she was fine. It was I who could not sleep all night and was waiting for the evening next day when she would come home. Talk about clingy moms!Great to know Anush smiles while going to school.

  42. Jerry –I think Gonzo worried too much about chemistry(i.e making Harvey happy). Willard should just play the guys that deserve the playing time — The competetion should be good for the team.As for RU, before making them the favorites for the Big East in 2011, lets make sure the kids all get into to schoool and are as good as the experts say. I hope Rice does not turn out to be like Gonzo, good with lesser players but unable to rise to the next level with the big boys.P.S. How is fatherhood? Is the kid toilet trained yet?

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