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  1. when you mabtsruate or have sex you are releasing hormone, if you notcie carefully the day after from being sexually active you may feel weaker than before

  2. Wilde net een reaktie geven op je vorige serie die me aantrok vanwege de honden Maar deze serei vind ik prachtig die eerste paddo is echt geweldig en ook die hond met de veer op zijn neus is goed zeg Ik probeer je te gaan volgen groetjes jacky

  3. Well, I like that both of these guys will be in black and gold for a couple seasons yet. I also like that we have the room to resign Rask for what he should be worth, and have the wiggle room to fit in a couple healthy scratches. It would be nice to get a scoring winger if we could to make up for Horton or Savard, but we have to get rid of Thomas’ cap hit or we might get seriously screwed. I also really hope Kelley will be able to keep his production up at this price.

  4. I’m going to have to try this seasoning, it sounds good! I made your ‘apple cinnamon omelette’ the other day except I used pears instead, did a blog post about it Btw I had no idea crossfit was becoming a thing back in Australia, I’d never even heard of crossfit until I came to the U.S. I’ve noticed that a lot of Paleo folk do crossfit.

  5. Vad ca si tu ai avut de tras cu Wizz. Bine situatiile sunt diferite si din Romania e mai ieftin sa suni la Wizz, da cam tot pe acolo. Si cu telefonul descarcat :)Bine ca s-a rezolvat. Drum Bun!!! si Vizitare placuta a Madridului!!!

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  8. i enjoy zumba very much so because its just so fun and u hardly realise u r excersising until u sweat n smell n laugh with all the other sweaty ppl. i can feel it the next morning if i push myself because zumba is very active but its not hard unless u make it hard yourself. by trying to be as good as the instructer. the songs r changed regularly so u get heaps of variety. it also helps u get fit, so each time u go itl hurt less n less but still be working great

  9. Basiu, a knedle z tego ciasta uwielbiają nawet ci którzy za twarogowymi kluchami nie przepadają :))) Zrobiłam z tymi truskawami, wiesz? Ale tak jak Polce, takie cieniutkie to mi nie wychodzą.. :)A robiłaś takie kynute z jagodami? Wygrzebałam niedawno przepis i chyba się pokuszę w sezonie, też muszą być pycha :)Uściski serdeczne Basia :)

  10. dude, that’s awesome! Template’s not available yet right?[]James Ronald Lo Reply:October 4th, 2012 at 11:37 amHey W,Yeah, templates aren’t available yet. I’m cooking up something special involving the “removables”. I’ve just been busy with work and haven’t been able to move forward with it as much as I’d like – as I’m sure you can relate LOL. Soon…[]

  11. Junior? As in Adam Junior? Well, you never know, so many people have asked me to write more about these people – but I’m just taking everything one day at a time. I’m 75 now, and the last year and a half have been tough, so I’m just glad to still be here – and still able to write a bit. Thanks again

  12. PS: ‘openminded’ doesn’t have to equal ‘gullible’. Openmindeness and skepticism together are the symbiotic patterns of thought repsonsible for the , and all that it has yielded.(Although, just to be clear: I’m no scientist. Not smart enough!)

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  14. Je suis heureuse de voir qu’on me tient informée des nouvelles sentences de GM ; comme ça, je peux tenir à jour la compil’ !« Quand j’aurais mon titre du Grand Chelem, je pourrais dire, je ne l’ai pas volé  »Le passage « Je est un autre » : ‘Quand tout va être ajusté, je vais me voir d’un autre oeil et vous allez voir un nouveau Gaël.’Et mythique (mais comment, comment fait il ?) :‘Je pense que ce sera pour bientôt. Le déclic vient progressivement.»’

  15. great link there to Osho talking on Latihan, thanks for the explanation Bubbie, and to Marty for the link.maybe i always thought of latihan as gentle movements because that is how it is described in the Gourishankar meditation, to maybe distance it from Dyanamic, so people don’t go into strong actions automatically…Osho explaining it, and the difference to his Dynamic, is well worth watching. From the Uruguay talks, The Path of the Mystic series, and it plays immediately, from OshoWorld’s just recently reworked Osho audio/video archives. Fine clip. Nice quality too.

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  17. I think you could just as convincingly argue that the success of the developed world’s environmental policy is overestimated because the really dirty industry moved to China and India, taking the pollution with it. Globalization probably saved American rivers as much as the EPA.And isn’t a bit loopy to argue that W-M will be effective because whatever follows will be effective even if W-M is ineffective?

  18. The left has numberless variations of Jewish, women's, black, christian, etc groups that all deliver variations on the same messageit's an old Communist strategy, to build a large number of niche front groups, e.g. Writers for Peace, Artists for Peace, Mothers for Peacebut the American left today has taken it to a whole new level

  19. I love apple desserts – any form of them – this time of the year. A beautiful apple tart is worth its weight in gold and you have MASTERED it's presentation! I can only imagine how wonderful this dessert must taste. Oh, and I love pink lady apples! my favorite variety :)

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  25. I am happy to hear a report about Dan! You and and he are in our thoughts. Boy, he’s a tough guy! (Would he say he’s a stubborn Norweigan? I know what you mean about having met the out of pocket for the medical for the year…that’s good news when you can have a procedure done and no more costs! Dan will be “SuperDan” next year!!!! (I think we just found his nickname!)P.S. Good to hear about the bars! I love “due diligence” like that!!!!!

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  30. The title drew me here because that’s exactly what I am right now – lazy. Very useful tips you outlined up there, Hajra. Maybe I should REALLY consider guest posting already. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now but I haven’t gotten around to REALLY considering it. Maricel recently posted..

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  33. Hola! Vad kul att höra att din helg blev räddad! Det är ju det Dulce de leche handlar om egentligen – att rädda helger och liv:) Förresten, du kanske har nÃ¥gra recept med Dulce de leche som du kan tänka dig att dela med dig av? Mvh

  34. A nice summing-up of the many qualities of TMS, Dean, even if my views on at least two of the commentators differ from you (I like CMJ but can't stand Blofeld).Today's 'View from the Boundary' was truly exceptional.

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  41. Dec06 Thanks for the heads up, David. I bring the Belkin everywhere and usually just use a simple adapter for the region, but have never tried it with that particular all-in-one. Thanks for learning the hard way for us otherwise I am sure we all would’ve learned the hard way too.

  42. Lucy,The Philippines has a model like this–the Philippines Council on Nonprofit Certification ( is an NGO body that has the right to determine the Philippine equivalent of the 501c3 status. They issue rulings which are valid for shorter or longer amounts of time depending on how confident they feel in the capacity of the organization they just reviewed. I joined them on a review (it was a renewal) once–a full day onsite review carried out by PCNC members–members have to volunteer a couple of days a year for this. It's been rocky at times, but I think it's a great model and well worth studying.

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  44. Matter of fact, … Matter of fact, when light mechs hit hard/rough terrain travelling over 90 kph, they receive leg damage. It is believed that those light mechs will also trip when knockdowns return, especially since that damage is caused by things like large boulders, short walls, and large vehicles.  It is a fairly logical result, too. Soon they will have to learn how to drive, and the tactical element will thicken all the more. Was this answer helpful?

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  50. I gotta go with the 2007 NFC Championship Game, when the Bears beat the Saints to go to the Super Bowl. I was watching at a sports bar with my girl-of-the-week, and we had a bet that if the Bears won, she had to go to the tittie bar with me. (If they lost, I had to take her to see Celine Dion in Vegas, so it was a big deal).After Reggie Bush scored like a 90-yard TD, and taunted Urlacher going into the endzone, I knew it was over and started asking the waitress for singles.Bears win, she gets all worked up at the nudie bar, and we end up having some fantastic sex the rest of the night.

  51. I’ve long shared your delight in similar books, afterall you did introduce me to Margaret Forster novels some 10 years ago. I know I shall also delight in reading YOUR very own novel, Voula. You’re so very gifted – I wish you so much success with this. Definitely wanting the copy I buy to be personally signed. Just curling up to read the 1st chapter.much love Marion x

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  55. Kelia thanks, thats a great site. Jewish Israel should be propogated far and wide.One of the reasons Evangelicals are condemning the Jewish left in the USA, is because they recognise this agenda. They want support for their religious agenda. America may be conservative, but it was never Christian. There has always been a separation of state and religion, and that's the way it will remain.

  56. Great analysis and summary. I’ve been talking with people about the President carrying out his Freudian father issues at the expense of our country. Unfortunately I don’t think most of them grasp what I’m saying and will make their voing decision from media soundbites.

  57. potsherd, i perfectly understand what this means. it’s jewish funding all the way. i mean that dollars are our currency, they don’t have an ethnicity per se. whether they (lobbiests) control what is in their individual bank accounts or the bank accounts of congress is not my point. my point is that it is american dollars being funneled to israel, not jewish dollars. it’s our f***ing money. i understand your point entirely and it’s a point i’ve made myself over and over. it just irks me having our currency referenced as ‘jewish’.

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  64. Precisely. He may be old, and old-fashioned in some of his views. But as far as gun rights and individual responsibility, he’s spot on. If he’s not on the ballot, I’m writing in.

  65. jlevyyellow,True you do write with fair eloquence, but your judgment argues against experience. That is why I knew you are younger. We older folk don't write of ourselves as surplus, non-productive people. So, I question your veracity as well as your judgment. I seriously doubt you are over thirty, young man, no matter what you pretend in your post. You display youth's mistaken equivalence of education with intelligence and maturity. Nice try. Massive fail.

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  70. I wonder if they had this planned as far back as season 1. One thing that might make sense is that he killed the pilot straight away – perhaps he wanted to create that tension that subsequently arose between the dual leaders of Locke and Jack – but that presupposes that he/it somehow has precognitive abilities??? And understood that those elements would come into play to drive Locke – because nothing seemed to drive Locke quite like Jack – and his leadership.

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  81. Jacque, as I remember the story, Claudia Christian actually broke her ankle during the fight scene in the conference room. They had to rewrite the later parts of the episode because of it. I might be wrong, though, as I thought I’d read that on the Lurker’s Guide but can’t find it there, other than the bits about rewriting parts due to the injury.

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  119. I’m glad to hear that most of what I said resonated with you. In response to your question, I’m not saying that living in co-ops or dressing “differently” is something inherently problematic – I’ve lived in Terra and I’m not one to rock designer labels. My point was that it’s useless to make those lifestyle changes without educating yourself about class privilege and then acting on that increased consciousness. It seems that people seeking “alternative” styles and surroundings are often trying to erase their class identities, but that’s an impossible (and destructive) task. What do you think?

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