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  2. If you pay people less than a reasonable living wage they will resort easily to crime. You don't pay them for their worth, you pay them so they can have a reasonable quality of life so they don't infringe upon your quality of life. Ohio has prisons run by for profit companies and they like anything that helps get more people in prison and hire lobbyists in accordance with those desires, I'm sure they love the low wages and stress upon people who make very little.

  3. “So, today we have non-educators determining what and how children are to be taught, not educators, despite very compelling research to the contrary. And then teachers are being held accountable for policies and practices they had no say in determining. No wonder they feel like they’re from a different galaxy. Due to their differing concerns and values, they have been exiled there by policy-makers. It’s great to see them taking a stand and fighting back against that!”Very well said, Prof W. I guess that’s why I am an unemployed teacher and you are a professor!

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  6. Lovely to hear from you. It’s nearly a year since we went sailing in the Greek Islands. Wish we were going again.The Russians are coming again to stay on Monday for 3 weeks.Have a super time with Michelle and family.Hope all is going well with your jobs etc.Love Sue and Dave

  7. · I hadn’t thought about Twin Peaks in ages! Laura’s body in the plastic and the odd music! Like Caz I don’t usually like to revisit films/TV shows in case they’re not as I remember them but I might have to give Twin Peaks a go.Hope you’re feeling better and are giving yourself a present? Mine is to basically do as I please today.

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  9. Left is a dangerous disease, but it does not kill the nation, secularism does. So with all respect to Fjordman, his prescription is useless, its like antibiotics to a dead man. He must be alive first, then he may survive. I believe, the only hope for Europe is that it somehow miraculously reject secular way, and not only to embrace Islam but to honor its native religion.

  10. I use the basic terms "right" and "wrong," but I'm an absolutist, relatively speaking. :DI feel, like you, that these terms are meaningless, now. Liberals tend to be anything but – a more absolutist group I've rarely seen – and conservatives conserve nothing, but seek to tear down and burn.

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  16. Dear Tom McLaughlin,Congratulations!….. what a wonderful testimony to a strong life force. That baby wanted to come through didn’t he/she? I’m sure that the child’s wisdom, strength and strong desire for life will carry him/her through any physical challenges. So long as the heart is strong and he/she has lots of love anything can be overcome!! Enjoy the ride, so late in life – how lucky you are!Annie

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  25. Wow. What a biased view on something you obviously have yet to learn more about. I recommend you to read up on the long and twisted historical relationship that Korea and Japan share. I have heard that Japan is also trying to claim that an island of the Chinese is theirs. Seeing any patterns here?

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  38. christoofar LIEberman pro-choice? I will never forget an interview I saw with him & his wife,during the 2000 election, when asked about his position in regards to a woman's reproductive choices. I've never seen a more uncomfortable look on a politician's face before or since, & the resulting rambling non-answer out of his mouth convinced me he was full of bat guano. He later hoodwinked both Planned Parenthood & NARAL into supporting him for re-election, only for him to vote to seat Sam Alito in the Supreme Court.

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  42. This is African-style Kelptocracy on steroids. And it took a Kenyan to give it to us.This president has signalled through every available channel, both symbolically and substantively, that he will be the most radically leftist “American” leader ever: from today’s stimulus, to tomorrow’s giveaway to overextended borrowers, to yesterday’s return of Winston Churchill’s bust to the Brits (that evil Winston!), to our involvement in the anti-white, anti-semitic Durban Review Conference.America will never be the same.

  43. , knock yourself out, it just makes you look stupid and guarantees that nobody will take you seriously.It was only the other night I heard Michael Moore on television making flattering comments about Castro. Indeed, you are not in charge – people like Moore are. Why do you continue to associate with them?Well, Michael Moore does not invite me to his parties so I wouldn’t say I associate with him. He’s also primarily an entertainer and provocateur, who finds that dangling Castro in front of people gets a lot of attention (it got yours). Big deal.

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  47. While I agree that it is quite probable that there is some error in the experiment, I disagree about the consequences if it is correct. There is no big danger for causality, and no reason to be afraid for the life of your grandfather, because there is a quite straightforward causal solution – a preferred frame.

  48. dotdotcom, Thanks for the links to the interview with the private investigator on how the media – the conservative media has been threatened by the BHO administration. It seems obvious to me that this happened and helps to explain the strange silence from the conservative media. I just wonder where all this is now.

  49. A wolf in sheep’s clothing (Matthew Taylor). Thank you, Sherbrsi. Under the guise of liberating the Palestinians – this vuntz wants to insure their anguish and suffering at the hands of the Israelies continues. What do you do with somebody like that? Seriously, if this was any other conflict…his head would be on a post and his body in the belly of a Great White in the Sea of Cortez.

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  57. You know, that stuff about Israel supposedly having this wonderful racialist state while jews everywhere else heap on the diversity drivel.You don't quote or link what you're referring to because it doesn't exist. I haven't written squat about israel.It seems you've shot yourself in the foot making dumb and rash judgments about me. Thanks for the guffaw.

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  70. Anna, ce tampenie din partea autoritatilor de la voi, sa nu faca ei un cinema de doamne-ajuta! Pacat! Dar uite, eu stau foarte aproape de doua mall-uri care au cinematografe ultra-moderne si tot nu ajung la film….

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  72. The primary concern is “UNITY “… friends.Only then we will see the growth of our political might and I feel Assemblyman Van Tran is the right leader for our community……he has spent last 20+ years in effort to expand our political clout in central OC and beyond.

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