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  1. Yes, we made that comparison to show off the new importance sampling feature in the 1.01 version and let it render for 18 seconds, but it was already clean after a couple of sen.cdsodmnpricce: we've got heaps of them, we'll post some new ones on the octane forum soon.

  2. You mean that isn’t Paris Hilton? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was, seeing as how she’s shown up up with many a Hello Kitty trinket on in her day. If we’re talking Sanrio characters, Badtz-Maru was always so much cooler than Hello Kitty.

  3. Io macchietta, Daniele ?Ne parliamo quando questa storia si chiuderà, va bene?Non entro in merito delle questioni da te sollevate , minacciatore di famiglie e affetti, che non mi paiono cosi campate per aria, ma solo sul fatto che mi sembra strano confondere mega per milli data la situazione …

  4. Marisa disse:Olá Vania, não é incômodo algum! Quando estava programando a minha viagem, eu quase enlouqueci atrás de um hotel em que o custo e benefícios fossem bons e o Rivoli é muito além das minhas expectativas. Já me hospedei duas vezes no Victoria Chatelet que sempre considerei bom, mas este é beeem melhor! O café está incluso sim! Aproveite!

  5. Hello Leslie:You have me laughing now as I have a 2nd video Natie made…I held off on posting it because she does get a bit carried away asking folks for $$ for her pics…I am amazed how much kids understand at a young age!Matt

  6. Olena, you are personally helping me with the issue of being the bi-national partner of a USA citizen. Your professionalism is outstanding, and you certainly understand the plight of the bi-nationals. Politicians need to realise it is not only the 36,000 in USA, numbers need to be counted for those US citizens who are living in exile in another country.Well done on your internship, and may your future law studies and internships be as rewarding to you as is Immigration Equality.

  7. I’m exactly there with you Christina. There was a study done on the masculine perception of equality, that if you had a group of 10 people, 5 are men, and 5 are women, the men would feel like the women are in the majority, and for them, a “fair” amount would be 2/3 women in 10 people.Just look at congress or the UK parliament.So maybe their definition of “respect” is “not abusing them”.

  8. aïe, aïe, je suis très affecté par cette histoire en justice entre Baumaux et Koopelli. C’est lamentable. J’envisage un petit article sur mon blog sur le sujet, probablement d’ici une semaine. J’envisage peut-être aussi un courrier au père Baumaux.

  9. If you understand what I’m trying to say. If you make a global model, then you need to involve all Ford divisions into development, not make EU Ford develop chassis, suspension, engines, gearboxes, body, safety gear, interior, and then let US division make a navigation system…and after that, US Ford will re-brand the car to Fusion and sell it as their own model. Like they did with Focus and Fiesta. They need to give something as well, not just take, otherwise its not ONE Ford.

  10. « Mais une chose est certaine: le SNPL AF a reussi a fédérer l’ensemble de l’entreprise contre lui et ne représentera plus que quelques barons vieillissants à la sortie de ce conflit. Les prochaines élections leurs seront fatales! »Plus de 50% de la population pilote AF est adhérente au SNPL soit plus de 2000 pilotes qui dans la grande majorité soutient l’action de ses représentants.

  11. the other frustrating thing is the peculiar amnesia… I’m not sure if I can explain it… I remember whatever “track” I am on, and all that happened in that track, but not the other “tracks.” It’s really like everybody else* has a better knowledge of my life than I do, because they remember all the tracks at once. But I “forget” that I have DID, or what that is like, with upsetting frequency.*re-reading this, I realized it could be understood as everybody else on the outside or everybody else on the inside, but I guess both are true

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  16. Hi Christine,There isn’t much flowering over here in England yet, so I’m a little jealous!In the garden my snowdrops, tulips and daffodils are growing, but a couple of weeks from flowering. Weather seems to be warming up though.I’m picking spinach, carrots, leeks, curly kale and Brussell sprouts from the allotment. Still waiting for my purple sprouting brocolli.Your flowers are stunning. Looking forward to reading more. Particularly like the Azalea.Jono.

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  20. more about the person doing the selecting than it does about the society that generates the stories.There is no practical way to get a handle on the psychology of human society using only the stories it tells. tries, but is still limited. There will always be a need to be selective, and that’s where biases can creep in.M

  21. Die Konzilsrezeption hat noch nicht einmal richtig begonnen. Und ich wage die Prognose, dass sie erst beginnen kann, wenn die letzten Geist-des-Konzils-Schwätzer ihr biologisches Ende überschritten haben. Und das kann dauern, denn es wachsen immer noch welche nach…

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  23. Fuck Russia: I guess I completely misunderstand our immigration laws. In the past, I thought that immigrants had to have a sponsor and couldn’t collect welfare. Now I read about immigrants, legal and illegal, who are on the taxpayer dole the moment they set foot on our soil. Have our immigration laws changed or are they ignored?

  24. broken (230)-To my recollection, Klink, in his famous Friday afternoon meeting in which he locked all the top bank CEOs in a room and told them to take the money, forced this loot down the gullet of several banks that didn’t want to take it. The idea of giving all the banks money was to provide cover for the truly insolvent banks so the public couldn’t identify them (and subsequently short them further into the toilet).Klink also allegedly told all the bankers that if they turned down the money, they would not be able to return and ask for it later.

  25. How do you train chinchillas to walk in their exercise balls?Today I went to Petsmart and spent $17 on an exercise ball (kind of like a giant hamster ball) for my chinchilla.. and I put him in it, and he’s just sitting there. I don’t think he knows how to use it. How could I teach him how?

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  30. You can get dvd’s of conference but its like 18 dollars for both fall and spring conferences so it’s not to make money. I think not posting priesthood online is so the guys will get off their butts and go hang with other priesthood holders and watch the broadcast together. The relief society broadcast is avalible online but we usually have a dinner before the broadcast and it is an excuse to leave husband and kids home. Its usually well attended.

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  33. Dec23 DCA calm down! You covered your ass when you failed to mention Super Metroid and Super Castlevania 4 for 2D platformers in the SNES era. Not to mention the stuff that Dave Perry and Shiny Entertainment was putting out in the 16-bit era – the Sega Genesis version of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, ‘Spot’ (the 7up character), and Earthworm Jim.

  34. This post deserves a prize for being the first-ever correct usage of the ALL CAPS rant. I especially like how Punter nails the soft moments that pop up every now and then in Gottfried’s usual jet-engine scream:AND IT’S MAKING A WHOOSH-WHOOSH SOUND. Whoosh-whoosh and so forth.Perfect.

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  40. Ice cream and Macbooks FTW! And keep up the driving record. Too many people get complacent with road safety when they get older and decide that they are such GOOD drivers that they no longer have to check their mirrors or drive the speed limit. Ugh, pet peeve right there.

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  44. Since Florida grants out of state permit as well, I wonder what the total of permits is when those are included, or are they counting Floridian and out of state permits as 1M? When I took my class I would say almost half were from out of state.EDIT: It looks like Matt may have aleady answered this question.

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  46. This is all brilliant advice, thank you so much. We tried pasta today and it seemed to go down well – she liked gripping the pieces in her hand – so much mess though, I’m trying not to let it bother me! It’s funny about the going off food – some days she wolfs certain foods down and other days she’s really not that bothered. All a learning curve! x

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  50. The old school women have more natural looking hair styles, and bigger, more rounded eyes as well as nicer more defined cheek bones. The modern women just look greasy to me. BTW my vote is for old school lady, Loretta Young. She looks like a fun lovin’ gal. Probably likes the country too.

  51. I definitely agree that Barea is a pretty good player. The difference is that at this point, Terry is much more of an off-ball scorer than a point guard. He and Barea in the backcourt make more sense to me than Barea with either of our other PGs. Its definitely intriguing though.

  52. How timely! I'm about to take off on my own trip (to Prague) and last night I made bramboraky (potato pancakes) to celebrate! They're waiting for me right now in the fridge. Czech potato pancakes are generally HUGE – think dinner plate sized – and are often stuffed with cheese (bramboraky v syr). The ones my Polish mom makes are usually smaller and served as a side dish, with healthy dollops of sour cream and applesauce. It's a food that reminds me of traveling and home, all at once.

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  60. Melody, The problem is that those who speakup, strike or whatever are ruined by the system. Since it is the same everwhere, the same sorts of folks don't want people who repect the patient and mission enough to stand up against administration. Even a rumor that you are patient first, administration second can kill your career.There is no transparency, no recourse, no help. You are a dead man walking.

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  64. to give up chick flicks. I know how bad they are for me but I’ve just had a hard time giving them up because I love watching them. I’ve recently changed a lot of what I’m taking in. I no longer listen to secular music which has been a great change because now every time I listen to the radio and sing along, I get to praise God! I also appreciate the harsh reality that there are men who like me that I shouldn’t be leading on anymore. It will be hard but I’m willing to do it if it will help us both more. Once again thank you!!

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  66. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by Yes, she deserves a lot of credit, that’s for sure. Not only did it take a lot of guts to even write a character like Landry, and also Trevan, but to create such a fluid, yet still acceptable moral compass. I’ve always liked her work, but I think she did something with these characters that I haven’t read from her before, and I was really happy to see her pushing the boundaries of romance in such a way.

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  78. Sorry to hear about Aunt Verna. So glad I got to see Aunt Verna in June at Aunt Florence & Uncle Ed’s Anniversary Party. When I came home to visit I would go with my Mom down to Aunt Verna’s to have coffee with several family members. I will miss that! Please know that we are thinking of you all and you are in our prayers. God Bless you all! Love Nancy, Stephen, Shannon & Sarah Fenton

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  164. I agree wholeheartedly with the whole, get off the computer, thing. I recently wrote a post about not posting anymore so I can be more present in my kids’ lives.Also, a bonus thing I’ve discovered: if I shut my computer an hour before I plan on going to bed, I can actually sleep. NO insomnia, no worries, just good shut eye. Miss you Kim…. and the family of course..

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