Behind the scenes

«A major point of criticism in the contemporary debate on monument concepts is that many monuments perform this function only inadequately. Monuments are abstract and seek a common denominator: they aim to make a collective statement on historical events, but all too often, individual viewers are given hardly any or too few starting points for their own reflection.» J.Young

Taming the monuments

Space Arrangement

First exhibition and display of the installation with Fictional Collective

Try out in my room

COnstruction help

Prototype of the installation during Duth Design Week 2014

Measuring Statues ans Sculptures

Myth boxes for the Monuments Map Tour

Map of Sculptures, Statues and their Myths

Map of Sculptures, Statues and their Myths

Ritual: Dipping the index in orange pigment.... and

Ritual: Climbing and Touching the apex

Finger prints of citizens


Hacking the slide projector




Thermal Printer