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  1. 2 junio, 2012 – 5:03 Totalemente de acuerdo ,por otro lado, los campesinos son menos educados, porque el gobierno lo quiso asi, jamas se intereso en brindarles educacion de calidad, y solo le importo explotar sus recursos naturales de lestos … por exemplo; la central hidroelectrica mas importante del peru se encuentra en huancavelica, sin embargo es uno de los departamentos con la tasa de analfabetismo mas grande..y donde la pobreza extrema se agudiza …

  2. Your poor girl.It’s so sad when they are really sick :(Bunting looks great…how did you do yours?I did mine double sided,pinking sheared the edges then did a straight seam,then finished binding them together with ribbon,but they look a bit …I don’t know…wonky?Well done on finishing 12 sets…now that is sweat shop sewing!

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  4. A prova da OAB consistia em acertar 50 questões de 100. Poucos conseguiram acertar no mínimo 50 questões, me disseram que colocaram muitas questóes da área criminalista, aí o bicho pegou, porque poucos dominavam, acho que o interesse parte do estudante, esforço e muito estudo além de uma dedicação quase anormal pelo Direito, senão cursar por cursar, está aí o resultado.

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  17. Dolbermann will be out of a job by next year. He won’t be able to bash Bush anymore, and the Democrats have the majority in both houses of Congress. Dolbermann being the fair journalist, does not blame anything on the Democrats, so who will be the target of his wrath? Is he going to spend every day railing against a retired president?

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  23. Corsi believes it will take about 2 months for the American people to wake up to this forgery. That puts us in the heat of the summer in late July. The good thing is considering the economy, not as many people will be on vacation as typical. What is the sequence of events with the Rather/Bush draft dodging letter? Can we not follow the same path? Granted that was a hatchet job on one of their enemies, but the press still went with the story. How was the MSM enticed way back then….

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  29. Most women today are unmarried, the average age of (first) marriage among White middle class women is in the thirties IIRC. Life is so much simpler when you can just make up your own statistics out of thin air.(I'm being polite with that "thin air" remark – I think we all know which orifice Whiskey pulls his numbers from)

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  155. Okay, Johanna Lindsey. Seriously, she isn't new, but her stuff is among the best in historical romance. My first romance was actually by her – Gentle Rogue. It's one of her best Mallory family books, and has the fun of a regency, with the enjoyment of being on a boat. :) Lindsey did the whole pirate/sailor thing quite well, and interestingly enough, the heroine actually stowed away on the ship by dressing up as a guy (!!) to get the position of a cabin boy. And the sexual tension was nice without being in the 'mind-boggling werewolf humping' category.

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  191. Loved, loved, LOVED, Arilyn, Danilo, and especially Elaith Craulnober. There was even a time in my FR games where pretty much every character wanted a moonblade. I grew up loving these characters and it made editing “Games of Chance” for Dragon a fantastic treat. Fabulous work on these Elaine and thanks for the great memories.