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  1. nak komen kat bn, klu nak dpt bnyk like, ko kene tny soalan2 mcm tu, ataupun kutukan2 berbaur dakwah.. klu x nnt kene dislike..lagi satu klu xnak kene dislike, jgn puji neelofa cantik, tu mmg kepantangan pengomen bn oklvoll-!eWed.

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  3. Thank you Katherine for this devotional. It echoed my thoughts, especially the part of thinking as I get older, things should be less complicated. Thank you for the reminder to keep looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, a present help in trouble and non trouble times.Blessings!

  4. Já tinha saudades de vir espreitar esta cozinha! O ano passado comprei 1/2 kg destes míscaros (caro…) mas nunca consegui livrar-me da areia. A omelete que fiz não se safou por aí além com os dentes a queixarem-se dos grãos irritantes de areia. Essa corta está com um belo aspecto. Até me dá vontade de tentar outra vez comprar míscaros e tentar uma limpeza mais a fundo dos ditos.

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  6. Condivido il tuo atteggiamento Fabrizio.La cosa sconcertante è come possono ancora tanti uomini che si fregiano di tale definizione considerare di interloquire con persone animate da tale cieco livore anti-maschile: della serie se non mi dimostri di meritare la mia considerazione,allora ti tratto per quello che sei, e cioè (per loro) una merda,uno sfigato.Avevo scritto già in un altro post su cosa è il rispetto (da “guadagnarsi” x giunta!)per molte donne.Avevo fatto centro.

  7. Mr.president,federal republic of Nigeria,enough of promises.Nigerians are not asking you for too much.Do all you have to do to better our lots and on time as well:Be it known to you that when you make repeated promises without any tangible thing to show for it,people will normally find it difficult to believe you again.so work more and deliver so that your work will speak for you.GodblessNigeria.

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  11. there is no US law that requires a Presidents parents to be of any particular citizenry unless the candidate was not born of US soil. So the only thing that is shown by most candidates is the candidates BC showing proof that the candidate was born on US soil thus making them eligible to serve as President.This is NOT accurate. There is no ENFORCEMENT or CLARITY of law regarding a parents citizenry. However, the Constitution clearly requires POTUS to be natural born and many argue that the SCOTUS has included parental citizenship as a requirement.Don't ignore the debate just because you don't like it.

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  13. Sérgio Pinto: enquanto a direita (de que o PS faz obviamente parte) delapida o que resta do 25 de Abril vocês preferem continuar a mistificar sobre o que é o PCP… É a nova esquerda, o teu tipo de esquerda, esquerda Alegre ou arco-iris… Palhaço

  14. You have me very close to tears here, Liz. A couple of months back I was asked to work on a non-fiction book for Polity Books that is called Eichmann's Jews: The Jewish Administration of Holocaust Vienna, 1938–1945 by Doron Rabinovici. It's a very good work but reading it broke my heart in two. So I am very glad to read of your family's story and know of the precious few that escaped this unimaginable fate. Please let us know when it is about to be published (I don't keep track of titles otherwise), because I would like to read your heartfelt novel.

  15. wadoooww gimana nih….katanya mo transparansi, koq merasa terhina sih…kalau menurutku, kalo ndak merasa korupsi ya…tenang2 aja, tinggal suruh diaudit dan ditelusuri aja….nanti toh akan ketahuan apakah dana di rekeningnya hasil dari usaha/bisnis (yg halal tentunya) atau dari mana…orang jawa bilang “sing becik ketitik, sing olo ketoro”bukan begitu…?

  16. I love all of your meditations! My top three favorites are Grounding, Inanna and Healing Waterfall. Each time I hear them, I have new experiences and gain new insights. I can’t say that about other guided meditations I’ve tried, and I am so grateful for yours.BTW, you have no idea how many times in the day I say to myself, “Take a deep breath in, and let it out. Release all the events of the past day, week, month.” It works every time!

  17. Kim, I’m thankful for your answer prayer w/ your children. Such a beautiful story…praise God!!!Your story reminded me of how thankful I am for God’s love for me. Only in recent years have I accepted the fact that He loves me in spite of all my faults, failures, short-comings, etc. I’m lovable…He is love & I accept it!!!! :)Have a great weekend blog family!!!!

  18. I fully agree with the borther who wrote the article and who pays attention to the authneticity of the information. May Allah reward him for that.We shall all be carefull on what we say and what information we pass on. The true and the clearness of information may alsoi be seen on our holy Qur’an, that remained allways authentic as expressed by Allah. This is another fact that it is important we keep the information flow correct.

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  21. That's exactly the MSDN reference that I had in mind; sorry, I should have provided that in my comment and realized that you don't have direct access to my thoughts! I struggled with that for a while before discovering Harlan Carvey's article on the subject from 2009 where he cited similar issues.

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  23. Non ho mai amato lo stile di Bertone, pur riconoscendone la bravura. Mentre Pininfarina aveva davvero un tocco speciale…Ora devo andare a cercare un nuovo designer che sappia "catturarmi". Magari italiano. Mi spiacerebbe scoprire che la scuola più importante del nostro paese vada a scomparire con la scomparsa dei grandi nomi del passato. Un po' di campanilismo ci vuole, no?

  24. Grandiosa!! Tu e l'idea che hai avuto!!! non sono ancora andata a vedere prima volevo commentare e farti i miei complimenti per il profondo e contagioso entusiasmo che emani! e' da poco che ti leggo e già mi sono affezionata perché amo la gente così piena di vita e voglia di fare!! Vadooooo e darò il mio piccolo grande contributo.Intanto ti abbraccio e ti dico IN BOCCA AL LUPO!!!

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  29. Odia Ofeimun and FunmIiniyi Afuye's statements,to the effect that(a) Achebe and co.should be sent to Nurenberg for war crime by deceiving their kingsmen to go fighting a war they were ill-prepared,kinda collective suicidal instigation, and that(b) the unrelenting attack on Awo (another symbol of Yoruba supremacy)is borne out of envy arising from Africa's numero uno Wole Soyinka's Nobel lauret's fit are plain truths.

  30. I'd like 5 minutes with Ms Cox to ask her about vulture capitalism, chameleon candidacies, politics of the Big Lie, the myth of class mobility, corporate welfare, K Street…wait, I'd need 5 years, not 5 minutes. And how old is Ms Cox? Maybe better to start with her kids…nothing beats a decent education, if you can find it.—anotherbozo

  31. My main memory of this DLC was playing it on Nightmare difficulty for the achievement and my entire party dying and me kiting frantically around the room with nasty, scary death storming behind me. When I finished, I was sweaty, exhausted, wrung out, and mildly pissed at myself for going through it. And that's why I don't go for that kind of achievement anymore.

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  33. I feel blessed. I lost my power for about 7 hours. It turned off at about 8 pm at the height of the storm and power came back on at about 6am. I lost 6 roof shingles and corner of my alum siding ripped due to a pull off the pipe holding wires. Pipe is sitting by a pine tree branch. I called PSEG that i have loose live wire and was told,as well as thousands of people they will get here when they can.

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  35. Ça dit pas que tu as un problème, ça dit pourquoi ça prend du temps… Après à toi de tirer tes conclusions, oui t’acceptes que ça prenne du temps, non tu changes quelque chose. Moi personnellement j’avais fini par accepter que ça prendrait du temps étant donné ma personnalité. On se sent plus léger après une fois qu’on a fait le choix.

  36. That is so funny! This will be excellent material for sometime between her senior year of high school and her rehearsal dinner.My mom has so many pictures of me on the Pink Pig…she could probably fill an album with just those annual shots. It’s such a neat Atlanta tradition. We also always did Breakfast with Santa at Macy’s. Another fun one, for sure!So glad y’all are making special memories.

  37. Since my comment was censored under your white people are dumb post, I will no longer be reading.There was nothing foul or wrong with my comment and there was no reason for it to be censored. You are what is wrong with this world–picking and choosing what is acceptable to be heard. Ridiculous!

  38. I think I'd personally take off the sleeves, because having a shirt's short sleeve just poking out from under a jacket/sweater's even shorter sleeve kind of makes me itch. I have to say though, it certainly looks great the way it is!

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  54. “Shellacking” was the President’s assessment.As for what’s “negotiable,” and what’s not – TBD. Obama can say whatever he wants for public consumption, but Republicans (and even Democrats, e.g., see Earmarks) will have their own non-negotiable list.The election of an overwhelmingly Republican House marks the end of “progressive” policies for the next two years.You keep looking at he polls. What you need to remind yourself of is the results from Election Day 2010. It’s both the last valid poll, and it determined the make-up of the legislature. Everything else is just SPIN.

  55. Hur illa jag än tycker om BDSM så är det ju något av ett bisarrt skämt att det står med där. Homosexualitet ströks ju just för att massor av bögar ringde och sjukanmälde sig och därmed gjorde situationen omöjlig. Fast med försäkringskassans nya linje går det ju faktiskt inte, man ju inte jobba bara för att man är sjuk. Det är numer arbetsförmågan som avgör.

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  71. We have nose in parking in town and it is impossible to see around them when backing out. And aside from those driven by National Park rangers, 4wds should be banned from beaches, they kill the microcrustaceans and other fauna.

  72. I always thought the same thing. If you're going to call a book "The Two Towers", please keep the number of towers in it to two. The Two Towers, Plus a Few Other Towers, Citadesl, Minarets, Monoliths, Obelisk, Spires, Strongholds and Battlements.

  73. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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  75. Robert, are you aware that Yeager put up an actual challenge to a duel, along with a waiver for people to fill out? Somebody pointed out and documented that in so doing Yaeger is in violation with the laws of TN, that has a constitution that specifically and very explicitly forbids dueling or even challenging somebody to a duel.I kid you not.Even his supporters have been counseling him to stop the nonsense and he basically is just telling everyone to do things to themselves that are anatomically impossible to do.Yaeger has passed from “earnest” to “bat poop crazy” as far as I’m concerned.

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  88. I tried your method, which was very easy, the first 30 days 1 item came off tried it again 6 more items came off. I don’t know what my score is right now but I am sure that it went up do I keep trying until all of my items come off? and one more thing the items that have been deleted are they going to come back?

  89. Roy–Thanks for featuring this. I've followed your blog for several years, as well as one economic in nature and one political in nature. Hubby is a great sports fan, as well as a 'chronic consumer' of healthcare. When we come together to discuss topics of interest, it's amazing to find so many similarities among the healthcare, academia and sports arenas. They seem to be mirror images in the nature and degree of dysfunctionality. (If you haven't viewed the Davis students' 'walk of shame' response–it's worth a view.Melody

  90. TO: br549, et al.RE: Heh……..since Blogger is apparently NOT going to allow me to reply to your comment at 6:01 PM, October 09, 2009, for whatever reason they think is 'political correctness'-challenged……..I'll post my reply at my web-site, http://www.comensarations.info……..and we can carry on the obviously 'politically incorrect' discussion THERE!Regards,Chuck(le)[A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. — President James Madison]

  91. I think dogs are way too valuable to be multiple-location, several millennia apart, random occurrences. AMHs definitely benefited from dogs at some time when hunting and tracing injured game, and likely also to protect pregnant women/children/elderly home groups while the strongest males and females were out hunting. A definite advantage when compared to Neanderthal or what-not natives – and of course also warning against their approach.

  92. I know this is going to sound preachy. but please could we hstop equating such things as deleting comments on an advertising blog to the horrors of systematic genocide? It’s not witty or clever and it trivialises the deaths of 6 Million people as well as also demeaning the blog on which it’s written and the writer himself. If you can’t see the difference 1.52 then you’re an idiot. Screaming ‘Nazi’ is just a little pathetic now we’re all grown up and out of school.

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  94. This soup sounds wonderful!! I read the additional comments, about leaving out the peanut butter. How rich and creamy is the soup WITHOUT the peanut butter? Can you add a roux or cornstarch to thicken it or to make it creamy? Cannot use coconut milk, as it is part of the TREE NUT family. Maybe I will just need to try making it with ingredients that I can tolerate and see how it turns out! Keep up the GREAT WORK! Love your recipes!!

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  99. Dan, thank you for the interesting post. Taking your thoughts one step in another direction, where do “Worship Concerts” fit into the matter? I am trying to figure out the impact of paying a cash admission fee to worship. Does that enhance the worship? Or does it change it to just being entertainment? I wonder.

  100. As usual, anything from your hands is magic. What a lovely, thoughtful gesture – to make this German-inspired dessert. Taking this chance to wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful, happy new year! May 2010 bring you lots of joy and laughter! It's my honour to have gotten to know you personally, Ellie!HugsJu

  101. But this is a topic for another blog post, some other day … Yes, your opinion about Hugeo de Garis “brain builder” project (and his current status and results if you know them) would be interesting. Or if not that, why would china and De Garis fit together? That, I am guessing, is equally interesting as his brain building project as I suspect he hasn’t created artificial consciousness just yet.

  102. Yes, the Toobin piece was in the May 21 New Yorker. How stupid of me not to include a link for Jeffrey Toobin's "Money Unlimited"! At crunch time for the post, having already blown one post time, I was so frantic trying to figure out what I was and wasn't going to be able to include that at crunch time I just didn't think of it.Cheers,Ken

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  104. Politics overload indeed, any road seemingly the political horse-trading has come to an end & the cabbage patch kid crew will be running the country together with los(t) liberals. All we can do know is wait & see how much of an agonizing car crash this will turn out to be. Whigs & Tories working together, eh, well I never 😉 It is ridiculously cold down here too, I’m seriously regretting packing away my winter togs…British gas et al will no doubt be rubbing their hands in glee….xXx

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  117. I agree about there being a spirituality in the food process, and I think people are starting to figure this out (again) as we begin moving on from the HFCS, uber processed food culture. Also, our Thanksgiving turkey’s name was Darryl:) Good luck!

  118. rich – thanks for the data and taking the time to give details. I think seeing the “process” of how prices get lowered and the dates involved keep things in perspective.JB, these homes make me think of that guy who posted on craigslist about moving to princeton (or somewhere south) from bergen county (i think). Do you remember him? Did he end up selling his house?afe

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  126. No, no, no! Even saying song titles like that ensures Tony Basil will be singing in my head for the next 2 days solid! I’m already seeing pom-poms and rosy cheeks behind my eyelids…Hi Mariko – just recently found you blog and I love your zest. Just wanted to say hi. Hi

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  129. This is a great post and idea. I have thought about this before and I will be honest, I probably would be blogging less and spending more time preparing for what is coming. That is praying more, reading the scriptures more and definitely spending more time with my husband and kids. Hmmm, I really need to work on this and find some sort of balance. This question does help us want to find balance and making it a priority. I will have to put more thought into it and get back with you and maybe participate next week.

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  138. Doug is an amazing speaker when he is in his element up on stage.  But in person he is a miserable man.  I do not think I so much lost faith in fruit as I lost faith in the man(Doug) who was promoting fruit.  I honestly second guessed a LFRV lifestyle only because I did not want to follow anything relating to Doug Grahmn.  I even considered anti-fruit.  You might notice I am purposely not referring to him as Dr. which is not any longer. 

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